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co2online – a network to protect the climate

co2online – a network to protect the climate

As a non-profit organization co2online is campaigning for climate protection and advises consumers since 2003 on how to save energy and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

co2online provides online advisory tools which help consumers to assess their energy consumption, both with regard to electricity and heat. By means of these advisory tools we increase the capacity of consumers through giving them feedback on their energy consumption. In addition co2online provides information on how to lower this energy consumption and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.

The options we offer to customers range from tips how to change the everyday behavior to undertaking retrofits. Wherever investments are suggested, pay-back times in reference to the given energy consumption are provided. Besides protecting the climate, consumers usually also reduce their energy bills when implementing the given suggestions.

In its endeavor and vision to protect the climate, co2online cooperates with more than 900 partners and currently provides advice to more than 10,000 consumers per week.

co2online frequently updates its advisory tools to incorporate new developments, e.g. legislation or governmental loan programs.

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European Citizens Climate Cup

European Citizens Climate Cup

The European Citizen Climate Cup is a competition launched on April 2011 for householders across Europe encouraging them to compete either against each other at a national level or as part of a team at a European level.

So far 10,000 participants from 10 EU member states compete within and between countries. They aim to show that the EU CO2-reduction targets of 20 % by 2020 can be achieved and even surpassed. The ECCC targets at least 2% annual electricity savings and 4 % annual energy savings for space heating by May 2012.

Householders are required to register for an “Energy Savings Account” (ESA) by accessing their National Climate Cup web page and regularly insert their energy bill data into the ESA for one year.To get the most out of this competition it is important that householders keep their ESA up to date, which may mean just 10 minutes every 2 months. 

The ESA also provides information on the competition, it benchmarks energy savings and calculates the reductions in CO2 emissions of the different national teams, monitoring the progress of the competition. It displays a ranking of the national teams in the competition and helps determine the national “Energy Champions of the Year”.

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Online Advisers

online-advisors by co2online

Over 20 Online Advisers offer quick and competent advice on various aspects of room heating, energy saving modernisation measures and subsidies, as well as on various aspects of electricity saving. Thus far, more than 900 partners have integrated the Online Advisers into their own web sites – including German Savings and Loan Association, the online property marketplace Immobilienscout24, DZ-Bank and E.ON. The Online Advisers are consulted by 6-15,000 people each week, depending on the season. By now over 4,200,000 online advice sessions have been completed. more


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