Energy transition and
market instruments

Energy transition and market instruments


With the help of our wide-reaching online consulting tools and our user feedback, we have a continuous connection to the consumer. How effective are measures? Which climate protection interests do the different target groups have? Which funding is used? Which legal requirements encounter resistance in practice? This results in findings that we prepare together with scientific partners in various research projects and recommendations for the further development of political instruments and efficiency products. Our core topics include:

  • Digitization and climate change in the building: why consumers should demand more digitization for successful climate protection?
  • Transparency and feedback about one's own energy consumption and costs as an important incentive: How can redevelopment be accelerated while simultaneously increasing its effectiveness?
  • New incentives: How can success and emission-based funding approaches be shaped?
  • Standardization and industrialization: how can the shortage of skilled workers and the rehabilitation backlog be counteracted?