Data-based communication


One fits all? Not possible with climate protection. Because of this, the starting conditions and lifestyles of the target groups are completely different. We deal intensively with the questions

  • How can we pick consumers with different motives where they are?
  • How can we keep them motivated with feedback tools?
  • How can we communicate cost-effectively?


co2online uses data-based and integrated approaches in the development of its communication strategies. It is essential that all measures intermesh, are database-supported and, ideally, lead to a dialogue with the respective user. The findings from the dialogue with the target groups and from practical tests in turn are used as possible incentives or facts in the communication and further development of campaign content as well as consulting tools. On the basis of the e-mail address and via SMS, users are constantly being alerted to new contents and offers. It uses feedback and monitoring tools as well as nudging approaches. The data-based approach makes it possible to check the effectiveness of communication measures. All findings are made in the databases of co2online, taking account of applicable data protection conditions.