Climate protection and
private households

Climate protection and private households


Germany pursues ambitious climate protection goals. In order to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius the acceptance and active participation of the citizens is necessary. At the same time, fossil fuel prices have fallen in recent years. A major lever for climate protection measures - the cost - effectiveness of saving energy costs - is increasingly breaking away. Consumers feel left alone in many places. The variety of information and options for action as well as the increased complexity of technical solutions are increasingly challenging users and implementers to find the right information and solution for them. In addition, misinterpretations of one's own carbon footprint occurs again and again. This can lead to the implementation of less effective measures.


This is where co2online comes in. What can individuals do to reduce their carbon footprint? How can they be motivated to become active? For co2online, transparency plays an essential role.

  • Do I use a lot of energy and am I responsible for a lot of CO2 emissions?
  • Where do I stand compared to others?
  • Have my efforts achieved success?

We offer orientation in the flood of information around the topic of climate protection and options for action: the right information at the right time at the right place. In addition, we provide neutral content and various tools that citizens can pick up in their individual situation. We integrate offers locally, so that the motivation actually leads to action.