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EnergySavingChecks for the United Kingdom

The advisers combine expert knowledge of engineering with efficient communication and modern interactivity. The advisers are user-friendly, cost-efficient and available around the clock. Their product impartiality and the absence of pressure to buy removes any barriers or inhibitions on the part of the user.


co2online has been successful in its mission if the advice given by the online tools motivates users to implement a suggested action such as contacting a local energy consultant, or replacing an old fridge, for example, with a more energy efficient appliance.

  • CoolingCheck

    Is your refrigerator power-hungry? You can find out quickly whether the replacement of your old appliance pays. Choose from a range of new energy-efficient appliances suiting your kitchen. Know the CO2 emissions of your old appliance and calculate the CO2 emissions reduction caused by purchasing a new A++-labeled appliance.

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  • SolarRoofCheck

    Increasing energy prices, dwindling energy sources, insecure technologies and ever-lasting debates: House owners have various reasons to favour independent energy sources. Solar energy from one's own roof poses a viable solution – its appeal is only growing stronger. Learn about the sun’s potential to generate electricity and heat for your home – with the help of the SolarroofCheck.

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  • StandbyCheck

    The StandbyCheck calculates base power consumption and losses incurred by stand-by functionality of appliances in your home. It reveals related electricity costs.

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