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The App for Android-Phones and iPhones: EECC Check

The free EnergyCheck App will make using your iESA account quick and easy.

App EnergieCheck

The free EnergyCheck App will make using your iESA account quick and easy. With the App for Android and iPhone, you will be able to enter your consumption data for heating energy, electricity, and water, directly at the meter – making memorizing or noting down meter readings a thing of the past. The App will be able to synchronize meter readings with your iESA account. And, there will be many more practical functions available in the App: The Standby Check will help you pinpoint energy suckers in your household. And with the automatic location determination function, you will get even more support with energy saving by finding craftsmen, energy consultants or consumer advice centres near you.

If you have questions or encounter technical problem please contact us. We try to get in touch with you as soon as possible!

All functionialities:

  • Energy consumption data entry for electricity, heating and water
  • Data entry for generated electricity of our PV system
  • Data entry of heating fuel and wood chip levels
  • Visualization of energy/water consumption (Week, Month, Year, total - except fuel levels)
  • Visualization of generated electricity of your PV-system
  • Manage more than one meter/location
  • Synchronization of meter readings/fuel levels with your personal interactive Energy Savings Account
  • Reminder functions for data entrey (meter readings or fuel levels)