Studies and advice

co2online conducts regular online surveys for different clients. The database includes more than 100,000 contacts with consumers and multipliers on site. In their projects, partners refer to the building database of co2online, which, among other things, contains modernization information on the residential building stock in Germany. As a practice orientated company co2online is involved in various consulting projects.

Smart Energy in Germany: How user innovations influence the German energy transition

The study, conducted by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and co2online, quantitatively describes the use and acceptance of smart energy technologies in Germany and outlines the potential of user innovation. The results are based on an online survey of 1,650 people from the co2online contact database.

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Thomas Funcke an der geöffneten Solarstation

Energy monitoring

The project develops recommendations on how to systematically implement and market the consumption and efficiency monitoring of building technology equipment and systems. At the same time, behavioral psychological requirements were defined that have to be taken into account when implementing visualization solutions and feedback systems. The project is funded by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

Pilot scheme "Einsparzähler"

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy's Pilot scheme "Einsparzähler" aims to support the introduction of value-added services for energy efficiency based on smart meter data. co2online will undertake the accompanying research and the funding controlling as well as the evaluation of the savings. In the process, new market-oriented offers for promoters and potential applicants will be developed.

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Energy storage services for smart urban quarters

In this project, services and business models are developed for a long-term viable operation of district storage facilities. In an online survey with 500 users of photovoltaic systems, motifs for battery storage and willingness to invest were examined. co2online is a subcontractor of the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW).

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SEO consulting for environmental and climate protection organizations

co2online passes on empirical values and success factors for a sophisticated search engine optimization strategy to environmental and environmental protection organizations. Through workshops and guides the knowledge transfer is organized. Know-how is built up in the participating organizations and search engine optimization is carried out in the medium term. The German Federal Environmental Foundation supported the project from 2016 to 2018.

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Ein Einfamilienhaus mit einem Kaminofen

Use of supplementary heating systems in the building area

The research project, funded by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development, investigates the use of supplementary heating systems in buildings and their effects on the energy and climate balance of buildings. In doing so, co2online analyzed the average energy consumption of supplementary heating systems, the market as well as the regulatory framework and funding instruments.

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Informative and transparent heating billing as a contribution to climate protection

In the UBA study, co2online analyzed the billing of heating costs as to whether and to what extent it can be further developed into a more informative and transparent instrument that helps further reduce energy consumption for space heating and hot water and thus CO2 emissions in the building sector. Proposals for standardized billing were developed for this purpose.

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(c) | Phil DeraMit Hilfe des Heizspiegels erfährt Heizspiegel-Botschafter Till Eichmann durch den Vergleich mit ähnlichen Gebäuden, wie der energetische Zustand eines Gebäudes im Vergleich ist. So erhält er eine gute Orientierung, wo die größten Einsparpotenziale liegen und auf welche Gebäude er sich bei Sanierungen zuerst konzentrieren sollte.

Reduction of barriers to energetic building renovation through industrial prefabrication

On behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency, co2online is working with the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) to develop a study on industrial prefabrication in the building sector. For this purpose, activities in other European countries are analyzed and potentially determined by means of model projects. Recommendations for the regulatory framework and funding programs are formulated for the German market.