Practical tests

How do we inspire consumers to implement their own climate protection measures? Storytelling in the form of practical tests is the answer. Typical households are observed over a certain period of time, from planning through implementation and finally use. Whether solar thermal, ventilation, insulation or fuel cell heating - field tests show what the reality looks like and how the measure will be successful.

Andreas Nadke vor seinem Haus.

Praxistest Solarthermie

In the practical test of solar thermal energy, nine one- and two-family house owners were accompanied for over a year and a half before, during and after the replacement of their old boiler with a new condensing boiler with solar thermal energy or with the retrofitting of their existing heating system. Based on the experiences of the participants and experts, an online guide was developed. The practical test is part of the "Mein Klimaschutz" campaign.

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Praxistester Familie Krämer

Praxistest Wohnungslüftung

Six households will be assisted with the planning, installation or use of their ventilation system. The aim is to bring more transparency and acceptance into the area of controlled home ventilation. A film explains advantages and functions of the technology. The practical test is supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and supported by bluMartin, NIBE and Vaillant.

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Praxistest Dämmung

In this practical test, six households are accompanied by their building insulation in order to discuss practical decision-making obstacles and possible prejudices. The personal experiences of the practical tester with environmentally friendly insulating materials are evaluated. The results feed into the communication of the campaign "Natürlich Dämmen", which is funded by the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry.

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Praxistest Brennstoffzelle

This practical test presents the experiences of six participants with fuel cell heaters. The results of the practice testers should show homeowners the potential of the technology. The project partner KEA - Climate Protection and Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg also informed us about the regional counseling services. The practical test was funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment.

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