co2online is responsible for numerous campaigns in the national and European context. Common to all campaigns is the field of action climate protection and energy efficiency as well as the data-based communication approach. In direct dialogue with the target groups, empirical findings are prepared from the user's point of view. Ranges for campaign content are achieved primarily through existing online and dialogue channels.

Mein Klimaschutz

The "Mein Klimaschutz" participation campaign commissioned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment informs consumers about their individual climate protection options with the aim of motivating individuals to become active in the area of climate protection. The campaign uses dialogue-based advisory tools that convey the right information at the right time and place.

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Der Handwerker von Thermondo erklärt Hausbesitzer Thomas Funcke und seinem Sohn Jonathan die Funktionsweise der Heizungspumpe

Meine Heizung kann mehr

The campaign "Meine Heizung kann mehr" increases the level of awareness of hydraulic balancing, informs consumers about the benefits of heating optimization and accompanies homeowners on the way to further modernization measures. More than 500,000 impulse consultations were achieved during the campaign period. As an NKI project started, "My heating can do more" is now supported by a broad coalition.

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Natürlich Dämmen - Naturschutz zieht ein

With the campaign "Natürlich Dämmen - Naturschutz zieht ein", co2online together with the German Environmental Aid Independently and objectively informs about building insulation and natural insulating materials. In practical tests, households are accompanied by a renovation of the building envelope. An online decision matrix gives consumers an informative introduction to the topic. The campaign is funded by the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

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Unser Haus - effizient, komfortabel, sicher

The campaign "Unser Haus - effizient, komfortabel, sicher" illustrates the benefits of energetic renovations especially for older homeowners. Efficiency measures will be further linked to accessibility and burglary protection measures in order to increase their acceptance. The campaign is funded by the National Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

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