We encourage people to be
climate protectors.

Through accompanying and guiding them
at every stage in energy efficiency.

Through accompanying and guiding them at every stage in energy efficiency.

Since 2003 co2online has been involved in climate protection as a non-profit consulting company. Our more than 40 energy and communication experts combine specialist know-how and empirical analysis with targeted online communication. With online information campaigns, energy saving checks, competitions and practical tests, we help private households conserve energy and reduce their CO2 emissions. co2online is supported by the European Commission, the Federal Environment Ministry and a network of partners from the media, science and industry.

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Climate protection and private households

Limitation to 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature rise is the goal of climate protection. This requires the active participation of citizens. Our field of action.

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Data-based communication

Bottom-up or data-driven - co2online uses data-based approaches in its communication strategies.

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Energy transition and market instruments

The combination of demand, support and communication is intended to promote climate protection. co2online brings practical experience into the further development of the instruments.

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